How Do You Get Your Name Changed On Your Social Security Card?

If you just got married, got divorced or have had your name your name legally changed, then you will need to change the name on your Social Security card. But how do you do it? Read below to know.

It all starts with you downloading the form

It will tell Social Security about the changes that need to be made on your card. You don’t need to worry about the cost because this service is free. Actually, you will only need the SS-5 form or the standard application form because it has a tick box for corrections. Once you have filled out the form, you need to gather your documents.

Depending upon your circumstances, you may need to submit your citizenship papers or documents proving your a legal resident. But you will definitely need to submit proof of identity. Once you have the documents in place, you can then go to the nearest Social Security office and submit the filled SS-5 form and supporting documents. Read about How Social Security Card Name Change Affects Your Benefits .

As you can see from above

making corrections to your Social Security ID is a fairly straightforward process. How long does it take before you get your card? It normally takes ten to 14 business days, after the date of your application. But this is contingent upon whether or not you submit the necessary documents and have properly filled out the form.

There may be websites out there that offer to automatically process your Social Security ID for you. However, the truth about these websites is that they only pre-fill the form. You will still need to bring your documents to the nearest local office. Still, if you find a pre-filled out form useful, go ahead and use it. Just make sure the website is secure and does not sell your information to third parties . For more information this site .