How Social Security Card Name Change Affects Your Benefits


Social Security Card Name Change

A social security card name change affects the social security benefits you receive. If your records are up-to-date, you can rest assured that your payments will be processed fast.

Are you changing your name? If so, do not forget to update your social security card. People often change their name when they get married or divorced. When there is a name change, you need to get the new name on to your social security card.

The first thing you should do is to gather the documents which prove that you have changed your name legally. These might include a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, a court order effecting a name change, or a naturalization certificate showing the new name. You may also have to prove that you are a U.S. citizen if the SSA does not have this information on record.

What you need to do next is to complete the application form for the social security card name change. The application form for changing the name is the same as the form you filled out while applying for the card. You can deliver this form personally or send it to the SSA office in your locality.

Note that all documents that you submit with the application have to be originals or copied issued by various agencies. SSA won’t accept photocopies or notarized copies. Any document that you submit will be sent back to you. You should receive the new social security card in 10 days. The correction will not change the number on the card; only the name is changed.

All the steps involved in the social security card name change might sound a bit complicated, but the benefits are worth the trouble. The corrected social security card will ensure the smooth processing of present and future benefits. It is important that the name on your social security card matches the name on legal documents. The card is your identity in the U.S. social system. The number and name on your card allow the SSA to keep track of your earnings and calculate your retirement benefits. The social security card also connects you into American institutions. Keep in mind that your social security card is commonly used for identification purposes, so it should have correct information.

Do you need to carry the card in your wallet?

No. SSA advises U.S. citizens to leave their cards at home. The information on the card is extremely useful for identity thieves, so you need to ensure that it is not lost. While you are not supposed to carry the card with you, you should know the number. You will have to quote this number when you fill up medical forms or job applications. However, in some situations you have to show the card.

Discover your family history

SSA can help you find the names of your ancestors. They maintain a Death Master File (DMF). Through their benefits system, social security can find out the list of deaths. DMF contains basic information about deceased people. It can be helpful in researching your family history.

Know the most popular baby names

When kids are born in the United States, most parents apply for a social security card right away. This allows SSA to collect baby names.

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